Machine Learning for Actionable Schemes Optimisation

What is Savvy®?

SaaS powered by Artificial Intelligence, developed by expert consultants for the continuous optimisation and benchmarking of Brand Scheme costs. It provides dynamic and comparative analyses, as well as real-time updates, enabling a comprehensive understanding and analysis of 100% of brand costs.

Want to optimise and understand your Brand Scheme costs?

Savvy® leverages a global standardised methodology and advanced machine learning to offer best practices in efficiency with every invoice. By benchmarking over 200 entities, it provides precise cost analysis and actionable insights to reduce expenses for both Issuers and Acquirers, thus continually boosting profit margins.

“Using Savvy®, we’ve saved over 13% annually and reduced the time to detect savings opportunities from months to days, bringing us into line with our mission for efficiency.”
Head of Cards, Bank in SE Asia


Artificial Intelligence-boosted Optimisation

SAVVY’s AI-driven engine automatically identifies cost optimization opportunities and provides the entity with specific measures to reduce or end unnecessary expenses

Comprehensive insights

SAVVY offers real-time tracking of scheme costs, brand comparisons, advanced filtering options, detailed insights into each billing event, and more. It helps you understand your issuing and acquiring businesses in depth with a single tool.



Invoice categorisation

SAVVY categorizes your invoices into easily understandable categories, identifying optional and mandatory costs, and classifying them according to specific cost-saving levers.

Extensive Benchmarking

Continuous comparison with hundreds of entities ensures you always know where you stand and if there are areas for improvement. SAVVY utilizes benchmarking from 220 entities, enabling you to apply best practices and stay at the forefront of your market.

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Issuers & Acquirers
Scheme Cost Reduction
Achieve up to 15% reduction in your brand scheme costs through precise analysis and optimisation. We provide clear, actionable strategies based on best practices from over 200 entities, enhancing your financial efficiency.

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What is Savvy®?

Savvy® is an AI-powered SaaS solution designed for the continuous optimisation of brand scheme costs, providing dynamic and comparative analyses and real-time updates.
Savvy® uses advanced machine learning and a globally standardised methodology to benchmark over 200 entities, providing precise cost analysis and actionable insights to reduce expenses and boost profit margins.
Savvy® is beneficial for both issuers and acquirers looking to optimise their brand scheme costs and improve their profitability.
No, Savvy® does not require any maintenance or invoice updates from the entity. It automatically processes all necessary updates.
Yes, ARGOZ personalises the dashboards to meet the specific needs and requirements of each entity, ensuring optimal usability and insight.

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