Next-gen fee analysis, enhancing acquirers’ savings and revenue.

What is Pricey¡®?

An advanced AI-powered SaaS solution designed for acquirers to gain total control over their entire fee ecosystem. It provides detailed reconciliation and optimisation of fees, considering all rules, variations, specificities, and transactional data within all the fees related to the acquiring business. This ensures precise transactional cost management and maximises profitability.

Want continuous control and optimisation of scheme costs?

Pricey¡® addresses the complexities of interchange fees, discount rates, and scheme costs by offering comprehensive reconciliation and optimisation. It navigates through intricate rules, variations, and transactional data, providing acquirers with clear insights and actionable strategies to enhance financial performance and maintain competitive pricing. Pricey¡® allows you to understand your acquiring business down to the most granular level and aligns your commercial rates with real revenue tariffs, identifying systematic profitability leaks

“Pricey¡® adeptly navigated the shifting regulatory landscape, optimising our MDR pricing strategy to remain competitive and compliant.”
Head of Payment Operations, Bank of the SE Asia


Comprehensive fee analysis

Pricey¡®’s dashboard transforms the complexity of the Interchange Fee and the diverse spectrum of Merchants in your portfolio into clear, understandable visuals, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

Cost optimisation with AI guidance

Pricey¡® tackles complex transactional data, enabling precise reconciliations and effective pricing strategies that were previously impossible due to the complexity and volume of the data.

Insights on past and future charges

With Pricey¡®, you receive daily updates with real-time information, keeping you abreast of the latest changes and trends. This ensures that your strategies are based on the most current data, allowing for timely adjustments in a dynamic market.

Profit and stability

Pricey¡® provides detailed analysis and optimisation that generate significant savings, helping to maintain commercial stability and enhance profitability for both current and new merchants

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Comprehensive analysis of transactional elements to increase revenue from discount rates. We examine each variable involved, including interchange fee rules, transactional information, and merchant segments to ensure your acquiring business is optimised and free from hidden leaks.

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What is Pricey¡®?

Pricey¡® is an AI-powered SaaS solution for total control over interchange fees, discount rates, and scheme costs, providing detailed analysis and transactional cost optimisation.
Pricey¡® benefits acquirers looking to improve their financial performance and understand their specific acquiring business in depth.
No, Pricey¡® does not require any maintenance or invoice updates from the entity. It automatically processes all necessary updates.
ARGOZ personalises the dashboards in Pricey¡® to meet each entity’s specific needs and requirements, ensuring optimal usability and insight.
While Savvy® and BST® focus on brand scheme cost optimisation for both issuers and acquirers, Pricey¡® is specifically designed to provide comprehensive control over interchange fees, discount rates, and scheme costs for acquirers. It offers detailed reconciliation, optimisation strategies, and real-time insights tailored to the acquiring business.

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