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Banking SaaS Monitor Solution: Understand and Optimise your Scheme Cost
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What is BST®

BST® (Brand Scheme Tracker) is a powerful SaaS banking solution designed to provide continuous optimisation and tracking of brand scheme costs for issuers and acquirers. It simplifies the complexities of brand scheme invoices by categorising billing lines, offering clear visualisations, and providing in-depth insights.

Lost in Brand Scheme Costs complexity?

BST® allows you to intuitively visualise your expenses and access a wide range of insights. This enables the strategic enhancement of your entity’s financial performance through precise and actionable data. The software automatically processes brand invoices, categorises billing lines, and provides detailed understanding down to the most granular level.

“BST® has been instrumental in improving our operational performance. It reduced the significant resources we previously dedicated to managing and understanding brand invoices”.
Retail Director. Bank in SE Asia


Invoice categorisation

BST® simplifies the complexity of brand scheme invoices by organising them into easy-to-analyse categories. This saves significant time and resources, allowing your team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Cost visualisation

Provides clear visualisations of all brand fees, down to the most granular levels. This detailed tracking facilitates better financial oversight and helps identify cost-saving opportunities.

Comprehensive insights

Offers in-depth insights into the year-on-year evolution of costs, historical KPIs, unit analysis, and pricing. These insights help you understand past performance and plan for future expenses more effectively.

Data-driven decision making

With our SaaS for banks you gain access to comprehensive, data-driven insights that enhance your financial performance. This enables your team to implement cost-saving strategies confidently.

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Issuers & Acquirers
Scheme Cost Reduction
Achieve up to 15% reduction in your brand scheme costs through precise analysis and optimisation. We provide clear, actionable strategies based on best practices from over 200 entities, enhancing your financial efficiency.

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What is BST®?

BST® (Brand Scheme Tracker) is a SaaS solution for banks designed for the continuous optimization and tracking of brand scheme costs. This banking software allows users to intuitively visualize expenses and access a wide range of insights, providing a deep understanding of scheme costs and consequently enhancing both issuing and acquiring businesses. By leveraging BST®, financial institutions can gain significant control over their fee structures and operational expenses.
While both BST® and Savvy® are powerful banking SaaS solutions aimed at optimizing brand scheme costs, Savvy® leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically provide actionable recommendations. In contrast, BST® offers comprehensive cost analysis and detailed insights, allowing users to manually explore and implement optimization strategies.
No, BST® does not require any maintenance or invoice updates from the entity. This SaaS banking platform automatically processes all necessary updates, ensuring that the information is always current and accurate without any additional effort from the entity.
BST® is beneficial for both issuers and acquirers looking to optimize their brand scheme costs and improve their financial performance. This digital banking software is designed to help financial institutions gain a better understanding of their cost structures and implement effective strategies to enhance profitability.
ARGOZ customizes the dashboards in BST® to meet the specific needs and requirements of each entity. This ensures optimal usability and insight, allowing users to tailor the interface of this banking software to their unique operational needs and preferences.

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