SaaS solutions for profit optimisation

Unlock continuous savings on Scheme Costs.

Powered by Leading-Edge technology and extensive benchmarking.

Our SaaS solutions leverage a unified global scheme modelling methodology and best practices from over 200 entities to drive optimisation and deliver actionable insights. This enables your organisation to continuously track performance while focusing on strategic decisions.
Issuers & Acquirers
BST® Banking Software
Our Brand Scheme Tracker (BST®) offers comprehensive data-based modelling and analysis of each billing concept. It helps you categorise all brand invoices, identify actionable insights, and optimise your brand scheme costs continuously.
Issuers & Acquirers
Artificial Intelligence-powered SaaS for seamless identification of optimisation opportunities with each invoice update, ensuring effortless brand cost optimisation. Savvy® allows you to understand issuing and acquiring businesses in depth while generating significant savings opportunities.
An advanced AI-powered SaaS for detailed analysis, reconciliation, and optimisation of interchange fees, discount rates, and scheme costs. Pricey¡® provides comprehensive fee analysis and actionable insights to guide acquirers’ pricing strategies, enhance business understanding, and increase profitability.


Do your SaaS solutions require any manual maintenance?

No, our SaaS solutions, including BST®, Savvy®, and Pricey¡®, operate autonomously and do not require any manual maintenance or invoice uploads by your team. This allows your staff to focus on more strategic activities.
BST® helps streamline the complex process of managing and categorising brand scheme invoices. It provides clear insights into your charges, allowing for better strategic decisions and cost optimisations.
Pricey¡® continuously updates its algorithms to reflect the latest regulatory changes, ensuring that your pricing strategies remain competitive.
Both issuers and acquirers, including traditional banks, fintech companies, and large retailers, can benefit from these solutions by optimising their scheme costs and enhancing profitability.
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