Scheme Cost Reduction

Brand Scheme cost optimisation for issuers and acquirers with up to 15% savings.

What is Scheme Cost Reduction?

An exhaustive analysis designed to identify every hidden and opaque cost in your brand scheme invoices, while providing an understanding of both your issuing and acquiring businesses. Leveraging best practices from over 200 entities, we equip your entity with data-driven strategies to optimise costs and enhance financial efficiency.

Lost in Card-fee complexity?

We tackle the complexities of Brand Scheme fees across various Card Networks with precision. By thoroughly analysing and categorising your Brand Scheme invoices, we identify opportunities for cost reduction and equip your business with actionable, data-driven strategies to prevent undue losses and protect your profit.

“In our push for Acquiring, brand billing grew by 35% in just 6 months. We identified and addressed a dozen underperforming charges in days, not months, leading to 9 actions that sliced annual bills by over $600,000.”
Head, Scheme Partnerships. Bank in LATAM


Up to 15% savings

Save up to 15% across both issuing and acquiring businesses.

In-depth situational Analysis

Gain detailed insights into complex billing events and Scheme Costs with targeted analyses at a granular level, helping you make informed decisions and streamline operations.

Best Practices Application

Implement industry-leading strategies for Scheme Cost Management, ensuring compliance and efficiency by adopting best practices in Scheme Cost Management.

Quick Wins identification

Identify and act on straightforward opportunities to reduce costs and enhance profitability, minimising resource expenditure and reallocating efforts to strategic areas.

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Issuers & Acquirers
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What is Scheme Cost Reduction?

Scheme Cost Reduction is a service that analyses brand scheme costs to identify hidden expenses, providing strategies for significant cost savings.
Both issuers and acquirers looking to optimise their brand scheme costs and improve their financial efficiency can benefit from this service.
Clients can achieve up to 15% savings in their brand scheme costs by implementing our strategies.
We leverage best practices from over 200 entities and provide in-depth, actionable insights to quickly identify and address cost-saving opportunities.
Yes, some information is necessary to accurately analyse and optimise your brand scheme costs. We share and handle this data securely, after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) proposed by the client.

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