Revenue Assurance

Merchants’ Revenue analysis from transactional detail

What is Revenue Assurance?

A consulting service that uses Artificial Intelligence to enable hyper-segmentation of the Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Rate (MDR), analysing millions of data points for precise reconciliation. With an accuracy rate exceeding 99.8%, it tailors profitability strategies specifically for individual Merchants, groups of Merchants, or transaction sets.

Struggling with Fee Management Complexity?

Revenue Assurance aids in understanding the complex and evolving rules of the Interchange Fee to align the Merchant Discount Rate policies. It provides clarity and strategic alignment, helping businesses remove non-profitable casuistry and navigate pricing complexities effectively.


In-depth margin analysis

Clarifies complex Interchange Fee rules, enabling more strategic financial decision-making to fine-tune your margins. By examining every fee component and transaction detail, we help you identify areas for improvement and strategic adjustments.

Cost and Pricing alignment

Aligns Interchange Fee and MDR policies, optimising pricing structures and profitability.

Sealing revenue leaks

Through detailed reconciliation and analysis, we identify and address inefficiencies and potential revenue leaks, enhancing understanding of dynamic pricing rules and improving compliance and financial outcomes.

Foundation for growth

We help you build a strong foundation for sustainable growth, enabling you to capitalise on future opportunities and navigate market changes with confidence.

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An advanced AI-powered SaaS for detailed analysis, reconciliation, and optimisation of interchange fees, discount rates, and scheme costs. Pricey¡® provides comprehensive fee analysis and actionable insights to guide acquirers’ pricing strategies, enhance business understanding, and increase profitability.

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How does Revenue Assurance help in increasing revenue?

Revenue Assurance uses AI to analyse and reconcile interchange fees and merchant discount rates, providing tailored strategies to optimise pricing structures and enhance financial outcomes.
Any card acquirer, regardless of size, can benefit from Revenue Assurance. Our service is designed to cater to the specific needs of entities ranging from small acquirers to large financial institutions.
We work closely with your team to ensure minimal disruption while conducting our analysis and implementing optimisation strategies.
Revenue Assurance specifically focuses on optimising interchange fees and merchant discount rates for Acquirers, using AI and advanced analytics for precise reconciliation and tailored profitability strategies.
Yes, to ensure the confidentiality and security of your data, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) proposed by your entity.

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