Consulting Services

Multiple optimisation services to help meet the needs of your entity.

Expertise and In-depth Analysis of Scheme Costs

Consulting services meticulously designed to guide you through the shifting complexities of the contemporary payments ecosystem and prepare your business for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.
Issuers & Acquirers
Scheme Cost Reduction
Achieve up to 15% reduction in your brand scheme costs through precise analysis and optimisation. We provide clear, actionable strategies based on best practices from over 200 entities, enhancing your financial efficiency.
Revenue Assurance
Comprehensive analysis of transactional elements to increase revenue from discount rates. We examine each variable involved, including interchange fee rules, transactional information, and merchant segments to ensure your acquiring business is optimised and free from hidden leaks.
Interchange Fee Optimisation
Apply data-driven strategies to optimise your interchange fees, building opportunities from the IF transactional rules. Our targeted analysis helps you understand and enhance your fee structures.


What is Scheme Cost Reduction?

Scheme Cost Reduction is a comprehensive analysis service that identifies hidden and opaque costs in your brand scheme invoices. By thoroughly analysing and categorising your brand scheme invoices, we identify opportunities for cost reduction.
Interchange Fee Optimisation involves a detailed analysis of your interchange fee structure, providing actionable insights and optimisation strategies. This approach considers all interchange fee rules to offer complete solutions, enhancing your profit margins and building your competitiveness in the market.
Revenue Assurance is a consulting service that uses AI to analyse and reconcile interchange fees and merchant discount rates. By enabling hyper-segmentation and analysing millions of data points, it provides tailored profitability strategies and precise reconciliation to enhance financial outcomes.
Our consulting services provide one tailored, in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations for optimising costs. In contrast, our SaaS solutions (such as BST®, SAVVY®, and Pricey! ®) offer automated, continuous tracking and optimisation with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. While the SaaS solutions provide ongoing support and insights, our consulting services offer a more personalised and detailed approach to specific challenges.
Our consulting services are beneficial for both issuers and acquirers looking to optimise their financial performance. Entities struggling with complex fee structures, aiming to reduce brand scheme costs, and improve interchange fee or discount rate management, will find our services particularly valuable.

Let our specialised expertise guide your growth.

Our approach combines extensive benchmarking, advanced analysis, and innovative solutions to help you identify revenue leaks.