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Who are we?

A dynamic group of expert payment consultants and data scientists that bring decades of specialised experience to passionately drive the Payments Industry towards higher profitability. We focus on developing global optimisation methodologies and crafting leading-edge software solutions that redefine industry standards. We work alongside Banks, FinTechs, Retailers, and other Financial Institutions.

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Consulting Services

Tailored and comprehensive analysis designed to address a broad spectrum of financial and operational challenges faced by issuers and acquirers.
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SaaS Solutions

Innovative SaaS products designed to continuously monitor, understand and optimise your scheme costs, interchange fees, and discount rates.

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Let our specialised payments consultants guide your growth.

Our payments system consultants combine extensive benchmarking, advanced analysis, and innovative solutions to help you identify revenue leaks.


What is ARGOZ Consulting?

We are a payments consulting firm specialising in optimising transaction-related costs for financial entities. We help clients manage and reduce costs associated with merchant discount fees, interchange fees, and brand scheme costs. Our expertise spans traditional banks, fintechs, large retailers, and neobanks. Our data-driven approach ensures precise decision-making to enhance ROI and profitability.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software distribution model where applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to customers though the internet. ARGOZ Consulting offers three SaaS products—BST, SAVVY, and PRICEY—that help clients analyse and optimise multiple payments-related fees.
After signing an NDA, our proof of concept involves a detailed analysis of your current cost structures and transaction data. We identify potential savings and optimisations. The process is designed to demonstrate the tangible benefits and ROI improvements that our solutions can bring to your organisation.
Optimisation at ARGOZ Consulting means leveraging our specialised tools and industry insights to reduce unnecessary expenses and enhance financial performance. This includes categorising and analysing invoices, identifying actionable cost reductions, and suggesting strategic actions to improve overall profitability, while understanding your issuing and acquiring business.
ARGOZ Consulting prioritises data security and confidentiality. We adapt to the NDA our customer prefers and we comply with industry standards and regulations to protect sensitive information.